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Frederico Cesquim

Frederico Cesquim Is a professional model builder who lives in Brazil. He builds many high quality jets as well as prop driven planes. He built Fabio Trento's 37% extra 300l, DA 150 That Fabio flew in Las Vegas 2002 Tournament of Champions.

All the painting on the models was done by Frederico as well.

IL2: FB combat flight sim

Il2 Strumovik: Forgotten Battles 1941-1945. This is by far the best WWII combat flight sim ever made. The graphics and visual effects such as fog, storms, and battle damage are very impressive.The flight model is as good as you can get on a computer. The game can be played solo with instant mission builder or dynamic campaign for Russian bomber or fighter as well as German bomber or fighter. It can also be played online in many different ways such as team dogfight, Free for all, scenario missions and more with up to 32 players and it even runs smooth with 56k modem.

If your computer is above 1.3 Ghz and has at least a 64mb video card and 700 Mb of ram This game is REALLY worth a look. Check out the screen shots below!

Il2:FB was developed by 1C Maddox games and published by Ubi Soft. Check out the official il2 web page Here