handmade Combat

This Plane's wing was created with Compufoil. It uses a high speed high G airfoil providing it with the ability to make very tight turns.

It does have one draw back, there is a limit to how hard you can turn due to its tendency for high speed stalls. At full speed if you screw up it will snap out of the turn and fall a hundred feet before you can react. The simple fix is to limit elevator throw using your computer radio's adjustable travel rate or just not pulling back all the way.

This plane is available from us test flown RTF for 400.00 this would include metal gear servos for the ailerons.

The skeleton ready for your radio gear and engine 135.00

  • Type: Combat
  • Power plant: MVVS .26
  • weight: 2.3 lbs
  • wingspan: 51"
  • Level top speed: 80+ mph