Great Planes Dazzler MK 2

This model was built from a kit, the first thing we changed was the large airfoil that came with the kit we reduced its thickness by about 35% and tapered the wing about 3" at the tip and added wing tips. Thus making it the MK2 The wing was redesigned to reduce drag and increase flying speed. This was a trade off while flying speed did increase over the stock wing the plane did loose a little of its high G performance but was worth it (rebuilt with same wing 3 times). This model was rebuilt 3 times due to mechanical failure and air frame failure. This picture is a result of the latter while we did modify the wing we followed GP's plans using the material from the kit. They called for the two piece wing to be joined by four plywood strips that didn't look more than a 1/16" thick and " wide they were applied to each side of the top and bottom spar just like the instructions wanted. I was in a slight dive at about 85 mph and the left wing folded up it did a half twist and blew apart all in a half second leaving a 250 yard debris trail. The other 2 crashes resulted from: batter failure and servo that popped loose.
  • Type: High performance
  • Power plant: Tiger shark .40
  • weight: 3.7 lbs
  • wingspan: 51"
  • Level top speed: 90+ mph