Great Planes Dazzler MK 5

The dazzler MK 5 in this photo sports the same thin wing design as the MK 2 but with significant air frame improvements especially to the wing joiner. It is no longer held together by the small plywood strips but has a solid block of balsa that is sandwiched between the spars. It is about 8 inches long and fiberglass reinforced. The motor mount is " plywood that is bolted to the fuselage with one inch sheet metal screws. The landing gear was left off to reduce weight and drag. The paint scheme ended up being slightly satanic just turned out that way. Thats okay because it goes like a bat out of hell.

  • Type: High performance
  • Power plant: MVVS .49
  • weight: 3.7 lbs
  • wingspan: 51"
  • Level top speed: 90+ mph