Tippmann A5

If your interested in the sport of paintball Tippmann makes the most reliable and simple gun designs at a great price.

The A5 shoots more reliably just as accurate and with less paint breakage than guns costing 5 times more. It uses a unique way of feeding the ammo, instead of each ball having to sort its self out (by chance) and move down a narrow tube a little less than 3/4 of an inch around before reaching the bolt. The A5 has a neck about 3.5 inches around with a star shaped ratchet at the bottom that 5 balls fit into while the others rest on top. When the gun is fired the ratchet (timed to the bolt) spins and drops each round right into the breach just before the bolt is closed. This method cuts way back on broken paint especially when fired fast.

The A5 can fire 15 rounds per second (900 per minute)and fire rate is adjustable and you can select between full auto and semi auto as well as many other modes like 3 round burst.

The A5 was designed by Tippmann, check out their web site Here

1945 Air Combat

This is one of the most amazing computer animated videos I have seen. The pilot's movements and hand signals are awesome. The glory of the 6 fifties is also captured in this work of art.

Check out the author's web site Here

Low Pass

Some Spitfire facts from the narrator and a nice low pass to prove his point! (click photo to play the video)

3D Drawings

I drew these with Bryce 5 and paint shop 6. Click on the thumbnail for the full size image.