U2 Demo Flight.(5.5mb 50sec)

U2 High Altitude Aerial video (5 min 40mb)

aerial view of new runway and a flying piper cub(30 sec 2mb)

low pass of our runway with shot of electric chase plane. (1 min 4.0mb)

Aerial Video of North fork, main fork and river.(6 min 30mb)

Hot landing without drag chute. (17 sec 3mb)

Hot landing with drag chute.(17 sec 3mb)

Flight Over Upper Lake Kaweah.(15mb 3min)

BHS Flight Fresno Ca (33mb 3min)

Downtown flight .(45mb 5min)

upper lake kaweah (46mb 5min)

Devil Cam.(57mb 5min)

Clovis/Frenso Ca Willow International Communty College (45mb 3.5min

Ag Field Mapping at California State University Fresno(50mb 5min)

FPV High Altitude...3000ft over N Fork Drive at slicky (90mb 10min

High Altitude N Fork Drive Spring time(90mb 9min)

Mapping 36 acre field with gps and 12.1 megapixel camera(90mb 5min