This page contains only information about autonomous system testing.

TEST 1: Electric UAV

No waypoints where used for this first flight.
A home location was set VIA the UAV's onboard GPS receiver. The craft was flown out away from the home location manually.
Control was given to the UAV which was programmed to hold 150m above home location with a 70m radius hold circle.
Adjustments were made to autopilot servo gain settings and reliable hold pattern was accomplished.
a successful first test flight that verified proper function of autopilot system.
Using google earth and the data log collected by the UAV's autopilot
the flight path can be seen below

TEST2: A waypoint path 1.10 miles in total distance was created and loaded to the UAV. Several flights were made and the UAV's tracking was analyzed after each flight from the ground and through post processing of onboard log files. Log files are updated at 5x a second for all fields including lat, lon, altitude, pitch, roll , speed and many others. After review of each flight's log files adjustments to UAV's gain settings and various rates were applied.

Below are 4 consecutive attempts at the same waypoint with each attempt improvement can be seen in the actual (GREEN) path vs the intended (RED) path. On the last attempt the UAVs altitude range was about 12 feet, pitch and roll oscillation were about +- 0.80 degree and speed range was 5 MPH

RED: Intended path...GREEN: Actual path....TOTAL WP DISTANCE: 1.10 Mi