Systems layout can be seen above. The AS07 and GPS unit are scheduled to be replaced with a new updated full 3D GPS navigation system. Any desired flight path can be programmed on a PC and then uploaded to the plane. This will allow for hands off flight. Operators can now sit back and observe the fight from the wireless camera.

The wireless camera (not pictured) is on a pan and tilt setup allowing full range of viewing freedom and records to a ground base digital video tape.

The new autonomous navigation system will improve steadiness and allow for better image quality. This improvement will also reduce parallax error in composite photos.

    UAV Specs
  • wingspan: 110"
  • weight empty: 8lbs
  • payload capacity: 2.25+lbs
  • Speed: 25-75mph
  • range: 30 min at 25% power empty weight
  • Power plant: MVVS 60 2.25HP Glow fuel
  • Flaps: Yes

Here is some fast downloading but low quality video of this UAV. For High quality videoClick Here